25 Maart 2014

FinansieringsopsiesNamate stygende lewenskoste die strop nouer trek, is duur kosmetiese chirurgie-prosedures buite die bereik van die meeste Suid-Afrikaners. Genadiglik is daar darem ’n paar maniere waarop prosedures soos borsvergroting of ooglidchirurgie meer bekostigbaar kan wees. Moria kyk indringend na verskeie finansieringsopsies wat spesifiek op sulke kosmetiese luukshede toegespits is.

First Health Finance began operating in 2008, and introduced South Africa to the concept of “Patient Finance”. First Health Finance provides medical payment plans to patients unable to afford the upfront cost of a medical procedure, or where medical aid does not cover the entire cost of the procedure. FHF finances all types of medical procedures including plastic surgery, dental procedures, ophthalmic procedures, hearing aids, fertility treatment hair restoration and more.

Payment plans are affordable and flexible, and amounts financed range between R5, 000 and R60, 000, however larger amounts are also considered. The payment terms range between 6 and 36 months, ensuring all levels of affordability are catered for.

Our turnaround times are exceptional, and our aim is to provide clients with a very personal service throughout the application process, up until payment is made directly by FHF to the practitioner. There are no reference numbers provided, no automated machines to talk to, just plain old personal service, from a real person!

More than 2000 medical practices offer their patients finance through FHF, demonstrating the high level of service that has been provided to date.

First Health Finance is the perfect solution, giving you the opportunity to have the medical procedure you have always wanted, when you want it. There are no early settlement penalties, and pre payments are accepted in order to try fast path the payment of the facility.

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